37 solutions funded

The main objective of TRINITY was to create a network of multidisciplinary and synergistic local digital innovation hubs (DIHs) composed of research centers, companies, and university groups that covered a wide range of topics that could contribute to agile production. The focus was on advanced robotics as the driving force and digital tools, data privacy, and cybersecurity technologies to support the introduction of advanced robotic systems in production processes.

The result was a one-stop shop for methods and tools to achieve highly intelligent, agile, and reconfigurable production, which aimed to ensure Europe’s welfare in the future. The network started its operation by developing demonstrators in the areas of robotics that were identified as the most promising to advance agile production, such as collaborative robotics including sensory systems to ensure safety, effective user interfaces based on augmented reality and speech, reconfigurable robot workcells and peripheral equipment (fixtures, jigs, grippers, etc.), programming by demonstration, IoT, secure wireless networks, and more.

These demonstrators served as reference implementations for two rounds of open calls for application experiments, where companies with agile production needs and sound business plans were supported by TRINITY DIHs to advance their manufacturing processes. Besides technology-centered services, primarily laboratories with advanced robot technologies and know-how to develop innovative application experiments, the TRINITY network of DIHs also offered training and consulting services, including support for business planning and access to financing. Services of participating DIHs and dissemination of information to the wider public were provided through a digital access point that was developed in the project. Another important activity of the project was the preparation of a business plan to sustain the network after the end of the project funding.



  • Access to Finance
  • Incubator/accelerator support
  • Offering housing
  • Project Development
  • Strategy DevelopmentEcosystem
  • Community Building
  • Ecosystem Learning
  • Representation, promotion
  • Strategy Development


  • Collaborative R&D
  • Contract Research
  • Data and Interface Standards
  • Provision of tech infrastructure
  • Technical Support on Scale-up
  • Testing and validation


  • Skills training and Education


  • 16 network organisations
  • 37 funded projects
  • 8.1M EUR funding Open Calls
  • 7M EUR additional funding
  • 119 new customers
  • Robotics, ICT/IOT and Cyber security 55 Use Case Demonstrations
  • 31 Technical Modules
  • Online Training Platform
  • Digital Access Point – Services and Catalogue

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