Interview with innovation actions coordinators

RI4EU interviewed the DIH² team to learn more about their project results, success stories and sustainability plans. DIH² network consists of EDIHs/DIHs supporting the local manufacturing industry, especially SMEs in the deployment of the latest Robotics and AI technologies in the Agile Production sector. The network supports its members in their regional digitalisation goals in line with the Digital Europe program.

The Innovation Action project that you have been coordinating has come/is coming to an end. What has been your experience with the DIH² project so far? What impact have you created for your DIHs and the industry?

  • Within the DIH² project, we have had 2 rounds of Technology Transfer Experiments with together 26 mini-consortiums (Participants in consortiums: manufacturing SMEs and tech providers, in some also research institutes participated). The impact created by these TTEs mostly strengthened their skills in applying digital technologies in manufacturing (leveraging digitalisation capabilities).
  • We also had 2 open calls for creating a DIH² network. This network’s participants are DIHs of the manufacturing industry. At the end of the project, we had created a network of 130 DIHs around Europe. This network benefits collaboration by learning and connecting. This impacts their possibilities of better serving their customer companies in digitalisation and international collaboration.

What was the most challenging part of supporting the SME projects? How did you overcome it?

The most challenging part with the TTEs was that they were requested to test software components developed within the project. Some components however were not ready enough that their testing would have been beneficial to the TTEs. The resolution was more flexible and close collaboration with the technology mentor, and the other technical partners who supported the Experiments were all able to tackle the problems quickly. Another challenge that needed to be overcome was designing the TTEs resulting solutions as ROSE-APs (Robotic-based Open Standard Enablers), which could be offered to the community to benefit from previous implementations.

Is there a project or result that you are particularly proud of? Could you share a success story with us whereby one of your beneficiaries has made significant progress in their robotics innovation goals thanks to the work of your network?

  • All 24 TTE success stories are fully documented, and demonstration videos of their results are presented, highlighting the benefits adopted and paving the way for further take-up of these results. All of this TTEs are available at: success stories 
  • Information on the DIH² DIHs community, and members offered services,  is available at: DIH² 
  • All the resulting ROSE-APs are available at Github

What are your plans, talking about the sustainability of your network?

From the design phase of the project, its sustainability was an important concern. The sustainability of the results and the network are all interlinked around the continuous maintenance and expansion of the key platforms that are outlined above. The support of important partners will still be necessary to maintain the connections and further expand the activities. The portal will remain active, and the RAMP will be sustained by ED, inviting everyone to continue to use the services freely, be informed about upcoming activities and grasp new opportunities arising from emerging activities.

What services will you continue to offer to your members as a DIH network?

The entirety of information, services, platforms and networking will continue to be offered in the original scheme of the above-mentioned platforms.

How can potential clients access your services?

The potential clients are the DIHs and manufacturers around Europe who want to be introduced to robotic and automation technologies and get awareness and information about new policies and funding opportunities for them.

If your network is open for new members, how can our target audience sign up to join your network?

  • The network is open for the registration of new members in the original platforms mentioned above. They are reached either through new projects of partners or by dissemination and promotional activities by previous and new partners.
  • The target audience is EDIHs, DIHs, associations, clusters, and competence centres. ROSE-APs created within the project are targeted to manufacturing tech providers around Europe who want to be introduced to robotic and automation technologies and get awareness and information about new policies and funding opportunities for them.

How do you think that being a member of your network is going to impact the performance of your DIH members? What added value is it going to bring to their operations?

The value of the DIH2 community and DIH network is the aggregated power to reach and design new services, but also to receive such services, tools, platforms and even new funding, gathering forces.


RI4EU is grateful to the DIH² team for an informative interview and wishes the network the best of success!

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