300 partners

25 countries

52 solutions funded

Digital Innovation Hub Healthcare Robotics started as an European Commission funded project in 2019, with the objective to accelerate innovation in robotics for healthcare. DIH-HERO has especially focused on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in maximising their impact and reducing time-to-market. 

DIH HERO is at present an independent and sustainable platform for all those who are active in the healthcare ecosystem. Its mission is to create a sustaining network that connects business and healthcare stakeholders and enabling them to develop innovative products and services for the healthcare market. Through this, innovation shall be speeded up and time-to-market is reduced through a pan-European network.



  1. Technology – Offering prototyping, research & development, and/or manufacturing expertise to speed-up the development of YOUR healthcare robotics product.
  2. Business Capital and Incubation – Providing access to public and private funding to help transform YOUR innovative ideas into market-ready products.
  3. Certification and Go-to-Market – Helping innovators understand customer segments, regulations and value chains to create a perfect market entry strategy.
  4. Testing Facilities and Test Center – Enabling product testing and service testing as well as validation in specialised labs and/or realistic test environments.
  5. Training and Education – Helping knowledge building, both for healthcare professionals as well as for technology providers.


  • 300 network organisations
  • 10 M EUR funding Open Calls
  • 52 funded projects
  • 65 technology applications boosted to at least 2 TRLs higher
  • High quality innovation and deployment coaching in 25 countries
  • Strong connection across Europe with extensive spread across 23 countries

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