50 solutions funded

RIMA (Robotics for Inspection and Maintenance) was a 4-year project aiming to tackle this gap by establishing a network of 13 Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and industry associations to support the uptake of robotics – and help small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) to develop novel solutions for different industry sectors. The RIMA project was funded by European Union’s Horizon2020 initiative. One of the main outcomes from the RIMA project is the RIMA Alliance – a network of DIHs, industry associations, asset owners / operators, technology and service providers, universities and research organizations and investors with compentence, needs or other interest in I&M robotics. 

To continue the achievements of the RIMA project, the RIMA Alliance was established in 2023. The RIMA Alliance is a sustainable structure that aims to promote knowledge creation and transfer between its member and the value chain around them.


Ecosystem services – provide digital and physical venues for establishing collaborations, sharing knowledge and promoting I&M robotics.

  • Identify high-value market use cases within I&M robotics and highlight business opportunities.
  • Make visible the needs and value propositions from the RIMA members and affiliates to create collaborations, enable business opportunities and steer R&D&I.
  • Gather organizations relevant for research, innovation and use of I&M robotics.
  • Share best practices on services to support R&D&I on I&M robotics.
  • Highlight opportunities for funding of R&D&I projects and facilitate project initiation.
  • Share research and innovation challenges in I&M robotics
  • Enable the above by organizing online events, physical events as well as a web portal.

Technology services – promote access to knowledge, competence and test facilities, and organize services through the member organizations.

  • Facilitate access to key knowledge and research providers (DIHs etc.) throughout Europe to support research, development, testing, piloting and innovation.
  • Facilitate access to test facilities by connecting with test facility providers.
  • Encourage collaboration such as joint research and publications between its members and affiliates.

Business services – expediate project development and enable skills and education on I&M robotics

  • Encourage project development through highlighting funding opportunities and facilitate collaboration through the RIMA networking venues.
  • Promote and share skills and education courses developed in RIMA (Alliance members only) to facilitate further access for the I&M ecosystem to such courses.
  • Foster creation of new skills and competence to answer the needs of the industry and public sector current and future work force. 


  • 50 funded projects
  • 8.1 M EUR funding Open Calls
  • 60 new products or services
  • 20 to 50 new customers
  • New jobs created in over 31 experimentations
  • Over 16M€ funds raised by SMEs 
  • Creation of RIMA Network Alliance
  • Creation of a community tool

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