agROBOfood Network

92 partners

27 solutions funded

Started as an EU funded project, agROBOfood brings together stakeholders from the entire agri-food community to address the challenges in agriculture through the uptake of agri-food robotics. agROBOfood network is an ecosystem comprising highly specialized Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and business companies (SMEs, Start-ups, LSE) who share knowledge about technology and market developments related to agri-food robotics and can be approached on local one-stop-shop, regional and European level.

agROBOfood’s mission and vision:

  • Support DIHs and businesses in promoting development and integration of agri-food robotic solutions.
  • Steering sustainable agriculture
  • Acting as reference point in the European agri-food robotics innovation ecosystem


Ecosystem support – Provision of resources, knowledge, and expertise to the network DIHs
to help them optimize delivery of value to the market. The first level of the network focuses
on Agtech Robotic Innovation in a modern, clear and inclusive environment.

  • The agROBOfood website and portal gives quick access to vital Information and key
    experts in just a few clicks

Scale-up Services – DIHs help SMEs to scale up their processes by providing support and
guidance to ensure smooth business operations and remove obstacles. The second level of
the network is dedicated to the support DIHs give to SMEs.

  • DIH – DIH portfolio development
  • DIH – SMEs Independent Innovation mentoring
  • DIHs – SMEs co-creation opportunities to introduce robotic solutions into their agri-
    tech market

Digital Agronomy – SMEs support farmers in maximizing profit and reducing environmental
impact through agricultural robotics. DIHs – SMEs co-creation opportunities to introduce
robotic solutions into their agri-tech market.

  • Market Insights for policy making and strategic investments
  • Support end users/ early adopters to implement robotic solutions
  • Matchmaking & Brokerage services
  • Support to find investment – Pitch Your Robot Events
  • Network development for synergies between different stakeholders and regions


  • 92 network organisations
  • 27 funded projects
  • 110 SMEs supported
  • 8M EUR funding Open Calls
  • 27 Innovation Experiments
  • 3 Pitch your Robot events

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