DIH-HERO COVID-19 Response Call

Nov 04, 2021

The COVID-19 Response call is meant to accelerate the embedding of robotic applications in healthcare-related settings and to enable the smooth deployment of new, effective robotics-based solutions. By funding up to 8 projects with a max. amount of €250.000 per COVID-19 Response project, the DIH-HERO network is aimed to stimulate technology to pull from the healthcare-related settings by removing barriers and developing a clinical connection at earlier development stages boosting fast, high quality, impactful large-scale deployment of robots (TRL7-8) in clinical settings all over Europe, satisfying a current clinical demand or need. The COVID-19 special actions are focused on broad Covid-19 solutions and robotic applications related to the current situation including COVID-19 response, recovery and support in daily challenges that are still existing due to the pandemic as well as post-COVID-19 challenges. In addition, specialised and individual deployment support will be provided by the DIH-HERO partners to the awarded parties.

Call deadline: The call deadline is January 15th, 2022 23:59 CET

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