Watch RODIN Summer Camp 2020 online

Jul 29, 2020

In June, RODIN hosted its second Summer Camp – an annual network event aimed to address joint actions and common challenges faced by RODIN as a CSA and five Innovation Actions (IAs) it unites: DIH2, DIH-HERO, TRINITY, agROBOfood, and RIMA. Supporting the exchange of experiences and knowledge, and helping develop deeper connections between the individual IAs, RODIN’s Summer Camp was virtual this year due to COVID-19 constraints.

Participants from RODIN and IAs together with external guests covered a variety of topics. Many sessions have been focused on challenges identified through the joint calls, where RODIN has initiated structural activities with an objective to create a White Paper to advice the European Commission and develop operational insights that can be implemented by the IAs to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

Five common challenges have been addressed in more detail:

Resilience against COVID-19
Developing a common strategy to address the COVID-19 challenges and deal with its consequences.

Post-project sustainability of the IAs
Addressing the challenges of activities and sustainability of the IAs after the runtime of the projects.

Synchronisation of information
Coordination and collaboration on data and information, relevant to the EU DIH landscape,  collection and sharing.

Common branding (ERN)
Developing the idea of creating a common ERN brand that IAs could use next to their already established brands, emphasizing joint mission and efforts of a family of robotics projects and, at the same time, creating wider reach and share of voice for individual IAs. The umbrella brand would include shared brand identity and strategy.

The future of FSTP
Analyzing FSTP related activities of the individual IAs and development a more efficient and effective FSTP approach.

You can find ideas and materials on the aforementioned challenges as well as other interesting topics in the Summer Camp presentations:

  1. Branding and Communication for Sustainability
  2. EU-Wide System of Trainings and Online Courses
  3. Exchange of Experience
  4. From DIH to EDIH
  5. Growth and Partnerships in Odense Robotics
  6. Intro to Post Porject Sustainability
  7. Intro to Summer Camp
  8. Network Sustainability
  9. On Connecting Training Opportunities & Services on Digital Transformation in Cooperation with DIHs
  10. On I4MS Skills Catalogue of Trainings and Needs for the Ecosystem
  11. Resilience Working Group Update
  12. Synchronisation of Information
  13. The Future of FSTP
  14. The Idea of Shared ERN Brand

Tired of reading? Watch the Summer Camp online!

Take care and see you in a year – hopefully, this time in a live event again!