RI4EU at The European Robotics Forum 2022

Oct 24, 2022


ERF is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, and this year it was held in Rotterdam. During this three-day event under the theme “Sustainability” researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and public funding officers from all over Europe came together to discuss technology push and market pull and how innovation in robotics and robotics-related AI can be accelerated. We organised two workshops which we showcased our innovation actions Rima NetworkagROBOfoodTRINITY Robotics DIHsDIH², and DIH-HERO and supported many activities and presentations at the booth #11.

Please find main takeaways from our workshops, activities of innovation actions which we represent as well as most interesting parts of the ERF as a whole – from our angle.

Booth #11


RI4EU Gateway to EU Robotics Initiatives together with Rima Network held a stand #11 at the event. RI4EU presented its activities and success stories, carried out two workshops, exchanged significant ideas and discussed collaborations with some existing and potential partners. We promoted all initiatives which the project is representing, including TRINITY Robotics DIHsagROBOfood,DIH-HERO and DIH².




Final day of #ERF2022 started with RI4EU Gateway to EU Robotics Initiatives Session no.1 “DIH robotics networks: Success stories and collaborative approaches”. This session brought together SMEs and DIH network members to showcase highlights from collaboration.

✅ Alberto Landini, project manager at STAM S.r.l. introduced ATLANTES, which was funded from TRINITY Robotics DIHs,
✅ Carlos Matilla Codesal, CEO of FuVeX presented his innovation which received funding from Rima Network,
✅ Regis Hamelin, CTO at BLUMORPHO and business coach in DIH² showcased success stories of the network and introduced plans and
✅ Martin Ullmann, CEO and founder of Ullmanna presented his company and journey with agROBOfood funding.

We have discussed different types of services that digital innovation hubs provide to SMEs to help them grow and further develop.




The second session at #ERF2022 – “DIH robotics networks: Lessons learned, impact and the way forward” was moderated by RI4EU partner, Maurits Butter from TNO.

This session aimed to explore the post-project sustainability of European Commission‘s funded projects through the assessment of the services they can provide and the ways these services can be capitalised.

✅ Minna Lanz representing TRINITY Robotics DIHs
✅ Ali Muhammad representing DIH²
✅ Erik Pekkeriet representing agROBOfood
✅ Paola Roberta Boscolo Chio Bisto representing DIH-HERO
✅ Maarit Sandelin representing Rima Network

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Our innovation actions Rima NetworkagROBOfoodTRINITY Robotics DIHsDIH², and DIH-HERO participated in RI4EU program, but they also hosted their own events, workshops and activities.

Find out more below:

Trinity project achievements were showcased in five workshops : “Cybersecurity for Robotics” (LSEC), “Interactive Remote Education of Smart Industrial Robots” (Centria) , “Internal workshop on Sustainability of DIHs”, showcased by RoboBend and Spin Robotics, “DIH robotics networks: Success Stories and collaborative approaches” and “DIH robotics networks: lessons learned, impact and the way forward”. In addition, TRINITY demonstrators held presentations of their solutions at RI4EU booth.

RIMA Networks was showcased in three workshops. RIMA Network organised workshop “From one-off deployments to I&M robotics in continuous operation” and participated in “DIH robotics networks: Success Stories and collaborative approaches” and “DIH robotics networks: lessons learned, impact and the way forward”. In addition PIPEYE, RCU, TANGO, DynCoMM and other RIMA experiments held presentations at the booth.

DIH-HERO participated in seven and organised four workshops at ERF:  “Towards transferring robotic technology and innovation to patients”,  “Robotic technology leading to better healthcare for all” and “DIH-HERO Success Stories of Innovation Coaching and Matchmaking”. DIH-HERO also had its own booth where the project’s successes were showcased.

agROBOfood was represented at the the RI4EU booth, and participated in two workshops:  “DIH robotics networks: Success Stories and collaborative approaches” and “DIH robotics networks: lessons learned, impact and the way forward”.

DIH² was present for all three days as a Gold sponsor of this prestigious event. In addition to many presentations and booth activities, DIH² participated in several workshops, among which are “DIH robotics networks: Success Stories and collaborative approaches” and “DIH robotics networks: lessons learned, impact and the way forward”.

Stay tuned for the next European Robotics Forum, #ERF2023!