Integrating Robotics in Agile Manufacturing – DIH²

May 11, 2021

Agile production is drastically changing the manufacturing industry by introducing a customer-oriented approach to mass production disciplines. Agile manufacturing enables producers to understand and respond to customer needs promptly and efficiently while retaining full cost-effectiveness and product quality. Globalisation and ever-increasing product offer indicate that the modern customer is more likely to search for new and improved products than ever before. Understanding and responding to the rapidly changing and increasingly ambitious customer needs is essential in satisfying the current customer demand and maintaining competitive advantage. The agile approach allows quick response manufacturing procedures, improved productivity and quality while increasing customer value. Through innovative digitised solutions, manufacturers can track customer trends by integrating e-commerce, virtual tools, IT systems, rapid prototyping and accelerated partnerships into their production strategy. 

Gunasekaran, A., Agile manufacturing: enablers and an implementation framework.
International Journal of Production Research, 1998. 36(5): p. 1223-1247

DIH² believes that robotic applications are the ultimate way to achieve long-term sustainability and profitability in the manufacturing industry. Functioning as a digital innovation hub, DIH² seeks to connect robotics oriented SMEs and standardise manufacturing production processes across like-minded organisations. Effective collaboration yields results through streamlined partnership opportunities, increased product versatility and higher customer satisfaction, all while saving individual organisations time and resources. DIH² projects utilise data analytics, real-time feedback and information sharing to boost the efficiency and flexibility of their machine operators. Robotics and AI, therefore, are the key assets in production management systems, creating more secure, precise and effective workflow environments with optimal productivity.

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