DIH-HERO is looking for external evaluators

Feb 10, 2020

Are you a respected expert in one or more of the following domains within healthcare robotics:

  • Diagnostic Robotics,
  • Interventional Robotics,
  • Rehabilitation Robotics,
  • Robotics supporting Patients,
  • Robotics supporting Healthcare Professionals,

and would you like to become an external evaluator for the DIH-HERO Technology Demonstrator Call?

Apply as an external evaluator before the deadline – 29th of February, 2020.

You can apply for becoming an independent evaluator for the DIH-HERO calls through filling in and submitting the online application form for evaluators. The evaluators will be selected taking the following criteria into account:

  • a high level of skill, experience and knowledge in the relevant areas of healthcare,

provided the above condition can be satisfied, DIH-HERO will strive for a balance in terms of:

  • geographical diversity,
  • gender,
  • where appropriate, the private and public sectors, and – an appropriate turnover from year to year. All proposals will be examined by three experts.
What does it mean to become an external evaluator for the DIH-HERO Technology Demonstrator Call? An Overview

Working as an external evaluator within the framework of the Technology Demonstrator Call 2019 under the DIH-HERO innovation action:

  • Location: The individual evaluation(s) may be carried out remotely, (e.g. at home). For the consensus meeting you will be invited to travel to the coordinator’s premises, in order to discuss the final ranking together with all external evaluators.
  • Conflicts of interest: The project coordinator will not appoint you as an expert for proposals or projects, if you have a vested interest that could influence the way you evaluate them. For more detail please see the section on contracting and payments. You will have to declare that there are no conflicts of interest with the particular proposals that have been assigned to you as evaluator.
  • Confidentiality: Due to the fact that you are going to be handling classified information, you will need to sign a confidentiality declaration with your contract.
  • Remuneration: For remote evaluation, the coordinator will follow the new simplified methodology that has been developed by the European Commission to calculate the working days, please see the details given in the contracting & payment section for further information. Your travel and subsistence costs will be refunded according to the guidelines set by the European Commission.
  • Amount of work: Projects are usually evaluated in sessions adding up to 10 -15 working days a year at most. The max. number of proposals that will have to be assessed by a single evaluator per call will be 8.
Tasks and Responsibilities of an Independent Evaluator within DIH-HERO

As an independent evaluator for DIH-HERO, you evaluate proposals submitted in response to a given call (DIH-HERO Technology Demonstrator Call and DIH-HERO Technology Transfer Experiment Call).

  • You are responsible for carrying out the evaluation of the proposals yourself. You are not allowed to delegate the work to another person!
  • You must submit the individual evaluation reports within a given deadline. This is part of your contractual obligations! The allowance/expenses you claim may be reduced or rejected otherwise.
  • Significant funding decisions will be made on the basis of your assessment.

More information about the external evaluator requirements here >>>

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