DIH-HERO and DIH² announced the first finalists of their open calls

May 25, 2020

The first finalists of the DIH-HERO COVID-19 open call and DIH² Technology Transfer open call have been announced – 20 companies in total will be granted an opportunity to develop their technological innovations with the help of EU funding.

Despite a tense schedule (only one week for submitting solutions), DIH-HERO received 146 proposals for its COVID-19 open call. The first group of finalists consists of Voxdale, F&P Robotics AG, Akara Robotics Limited, Jonker-Makis Robotics B.V., Hocoma AG, MetraLabs GmbH Neue Technologien und Systeme, ACCREA Engineering Sp. z o.o., KELO Robotics GmbH, Rubedo sistemos. The aim of the call was to support the fight against COVID-19 by providing €1,000,000 for robotic technologies that can be deployed timely in order to help healthcare professionals and save lives by satisfying a current clinical demand or need.

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DIH² has also announced the 2nd stage finalists of their Technology Transfer Open Call that offered up to €248.000 in EU funding for accelerating manufacturing through robotics. After attending an online Jury Day on 28-30 April, where 26 consortia that applied to the second stage of the first DIH² open call pitched their proposals in front of a Jury, 11 of them were selected to start an acceleration programme. The selected finalists are FIREFIT, RoboWeldAR, STAR, JS 2 SS, SMB, FEATS, A2CS, Contra 2.0, HWFlexCell, Agilplas, WP.

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