Workshop | Inspection-based Robotics for Society

June 15, 2023 12:00 am, CET
Duration: 3 hours

Join  the “Inspection-based Robotics for Society” online workshop hosted by H2020 AERIAL-CORE and PILOTING Projects!

We are are delighted to invite you to the upcoming workshop, “Inspection-based Robotics for Society” in which Robotics4EU will take part, on the 15th of June, 10h00 WEST, online.

The workshop will delve into the remarkable potential of robotic systems in performing inspections and their profound impact on society.

Organised in collaboration between the H2020 projects AERIAL-CORE and PILOTING, this event aims to shed light on the benefits of employing inspection robotsidentify societal needs that can be addressed through their implementation, and discuss potential challenges associated with this revolutionary technology.

The workshop will welcome distinguished participants, including the Robotics4EU H2020 project, CTA innovation centre, EC Joint Research Center, CEA technological centre, CHEVRON, ENDESA, and FERROVIAL. These organisations and companies will actively participate in the roundtable discussions, sharing their expertise and insights to enrich the event.

Participation is free but registration is required. You can register here!

What is the agenda?

10:00 – 10:10 WEST Welcome
10:10 – 10:30 WEST AERIAL-CORE presentation
10:30  – 10:50 WEST PILOTING presentation
10:50 – 11:30 WEST Round table about societal needs
11:30 – 12:10 WEST Round table about benefits and negative impacts
12:10 – 12:30 WEST Conclusions and farewell


Why should you participate?

Participating in this event will provide valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of inspection-based robotics for society. You will have the chance to identify societal needs, address potential negative impacts, and collaborate with experts in the field. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge, and network, and contribute to the advancement of inspection robotics for the advancement of society.