Theme Development Workshops (TDW) on “Trusted AI – The Future of Creating Ethical and Responsible AI Systems”

September 13, 2023 9:00 am, CET
Duration: 9 hours

Thematic panels and workshops for researchers and industry representatives on AI trends supporting the community in defining the strategic research agenda and innovation roadmap.

What is a Theme Development Workshop?
  • A one-day workshop with a limited number of pre-selected participants.
  • Workshop programme consisting of plenary presentations and focused discussions in smaller groups and breakout sessions.
  • Key objective is to elaborate common goals between academia and industry to define a strategic AI research and innovation roadmap for a particular industry sector or relevant societal topic (e.g., climate change).


Who should participate?
  • Strategic thinkers and AI researchers from industry as well as academic institutions and other interested parties
  • Stakeholders and experts open to discuss and contribute long-term strategic topics and challenges as well as more focused short-to mid-term activities
  • At all career stages and levels from all over Europe to include multiple and different perspectives


Which topics and industry sectors have been planned?