Co-creation workshop in Inspection & Maintenance

Delft, The Netherlands
October 4, 2023 9:00 am, CET
Duration: 6 hours

About the event

Robots are revolutionizing society and the use of robotic solutions in inspection & maintenance has enormous potential to transform our lives for the better – but only if they are accepted and trusted by society.

The co-creation workshop seeks to bring together robot developers and manufactures with end-users and stakeholders to discuss the societal aspects of specific robotics solutions and co-create ideas for improvements.

During the workshop, we will divide all participants into approximately ten different groups to focus their discussion on one specific robot at each table.

Each group will consist of 4-7 people:

  • 1-2 representatives from the company/project developing or manufacturing the robot
  • 3 or more participants who are potential end-users or stakeholders of the robot.
  • A facilitator

After an introduction, the groups will use a discussion tool developed by the Danish Board of Technology to engage in discussions on how to prepare the robots for society.

Who is this event for?

The co-creation workshop aims to bring together robot developers, end-users, buyers, stakeholders, experts, and researchers to discuss the societal aspects of specific robotics solutions and collaborate on improvements. If you identify yourself within one of these categories, we encourage you to join us at the co-creation workshop:

  1. Robot Developers: Those involved in developing, designing, or manufacturing robotic solutions in the domain of inspection and maintenance. They can showcase their work, receive feedback from potential end-users and stakeholders, and have a chance to represent a robot for discussion during the workshop. At the workshop we will be choosing up to 10 robotics solutions as cases for the discussions if you would like to represent a robot at the workshop, please indicate this in your registration under the question about your relation to the topic or reach out to us on .
  2. End-Users: Potential users of robotics solutions or stakeholders in the inspection and maintenance field. They can engage with robot developers and manufacturers, share their needs and concerns, and participate in discussions on the societal aspects of robotics.
  3. Buyers and Stakeholders: Individuals responsible for procurement decisions or with a vested interest in the adoption and impact of robotics in inspection and maintenance. They have the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities in this domain.
  4. Experts and Researchers: Professionals with expertise in the non-technical aspects of robotics and/or inspection and maintenance. Their insights and expertise will be valuable for contributing to discussions and generating new ideas during the workshop.

The event invites participants from these categories to foster collaboration, exchange knowledge, and collectively work towards enhancing robotics solutions in the field of inspection and maintenance, considering societal implications and advancements.


09:30 Registration and welcome coffee
10:00 – 12:30 First workshop session: 

  • Pitch of the robots
  • Groups will be using an interactive discussion game to explore different themes within the topics: Data, Legal, Socio-economic, Environment and Human experience.
12:15 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 15:00 Second workshop session: 

  • Testing Robotics4EU’s online assessment tool (RoboCompass)

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